7 Actions the Best Leaders Take To Support Well Being!

By Jim Kirwan,

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The CEO, C Suite and senior executives quite rightly ask those responsible [usually HR] to justify their recommended investments in Well Being initiatives and projects. However in doing so, I wonder do they realise just how much their own actions can influence the success of these investments? Here are 7 actions leaders can take immediately which could be the difference between success and failure.

  1. Encourage greater participation and engagement in your Well Being initiatives by your words, actions and deeds!
  2. Participate in as many Well Being activities as you can. Set the example and your team will follow you.
  3. Demonstrate your support by actually walking the talk! For example what about moving your parking spot to the one furthest away?
  4. Support the decisions made by the Well Being team, even if their decision is not exactly what you would have done!
  5. Agree policy changes which facilitate and encourage employees to develop healthy behaviours. What about encouraging stand up or walking meetings?
  6. Recognise the Well Being achievements of individual employees, managers, departments, sites, etc.
  7. Provide financial support to encourage “Sustained Healthy Lifestyle for Everyone”!

Developing a “Sustained Healthy Lifestyle” for everyone, is just one of the key elements of the Well Being & Lifestyle Conference in The Davy Group, 49 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 on 30th November.

Early Bird Pricing Until 15th September

As some of you may have missed earlier posts and articles because of holidays, I have decided to extend early bird pricing until the 15th September. Go to the Conference website and sign up now.

As an added incentive to take action today, I’ll send all “early birds” a signed copy of my best selling book The eXercise Factor. It shows you how to “Ease into the best shape of your life regardless of your age, weight or current fitness level” and it will give you a really good insight into what I mean by a “Sustained Healthy Lifestyle for Everyone”.


If you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss the conference over a cup of coffee, call me on 086.456.9502, email me at jimkirwan@ynlm.ie or simply message me here on LinkedIn.

My Motto: “You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.”

Jim Kirwan: Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant and now Conference Host.

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