Helping Organizations Optimize Employee and Organization Performance

Wellbeing Workshops That Work for Managers and HR Executives 

  • FIT-MGR “Managers On The Move” – Project based approach to their own wellbeing journey. Managers can then set the example for their team by weaving wellbeing initiatives into the performance management process.
  • FIT-HRM “HR Managers On The Move” – Project based approach to own wellbeing journey and a company wide approach weaving wellbeing into performance management process.

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International Keynote Speaker

  • Keynote 1 “Your New Lifestyle Mission”: Designed to educate, motivate and inspire your team to be their best self by developing a fit and healthy lifestyle they can sustain for the rest of their lives.
  • Keynote 2 “FITCEO Optimum Performance”: This was the title of Ireland’s fist strategic wellbeing conference held in Dublin in November 2017. Go to for more details.

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Executive Health Coaching

  • Progressive, realistic and challenging coaching projects for executives, typically for 3/4 months, which produce measurable results for both participants and organizations.

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Wellbeing Consulting

  • Develop effective employee and organization wellbeing strategies.

Helping Individuals Optimize Quality Time

  1. Coaching Projects
    • Progressive, realistic and challenging projects, typically for 3/4 months.
    • Achieve measurable results which increase your life expectancy, but more importantly, improve the quality of your life by developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
    • Primary focus on exercise and moving throughout the day – often through walking, walk to run [using my signature “Anyone Can Run Program”and running.
    • Secondary but significant focus on nutrition and weight if appropriate.

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“You Don’t Have To Be Fit & Healthy To Start But You Do Have To Start To Be Fit & Healthy”