Helping Organizations Optimize Performance

Wellbeing Workshops That Work for Managers, HR, Senior Executives and Employees

FIT-MGR “Managers On The Move”

Project based approach to their own wellbeing journey. Managers can then set the example for their team by weaving wellbeing initiatives into the performance management process.

FIT – HRM “HR Managers On The Move”

Project based approach to own wellbeing journey and a company wide approach weaving wellbeing into performance management process.

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International Keynote Speaker

Keynote 1 “Your New Lifestyle Mission”

Designed to educate, motivate and inspire your team to be their best self by developing a fit and healthy lifestyle they can sustain for the rest of their lives.

Keynote 2 “FITCEO Optimum Performance”

This was the title of Ireland’s fist strategic wellbeing conference held in Dublin in November 2017. Go to for more details.

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 Executive Health Coaching

Progressive, realistic and challenging coaching projects for executives, typically for 3/4 months, which produce measurable results for both participants and organizations.

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Wellbeing Consulting

Develop effective employee and organization wellbeing strategies.

Helping Individuals Optimize Quality Time

Coaching Projects

  • Progressive, realistic and challenging projects, typically for 3/4 months.
  • Achieve measurable results which increase your life expectancy, but more importantly, improve the quality of your life by developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
  • Primary focus on exercise and moving throughout the day – often through walking, walk to run [using my signature “Anyone Can Run Program”and running.
  • Secondary but significant focus on nutrition and weight if appropriate.

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“You Don’t Have To Be Fit & Healthy To Start But You Do Have To Start To Be Fit & Healthy”